JOM! RAYA DENGAN SHOPEE - Alam Sari Di Tanah Jauhar


Get all your Raya needs from Malaysia’s leading e-commerce platform, Shopee

KUALA LUMPUR, 2 MAY 2019 - With the Raya celebrations soon approaching, preparations are underway to spruce up homes, ensure the cars are in tip-top shape, stock up on provisions and of course, shop for the latest baju Raya. Shopee has it all from the latest homes, brand new cars and motorbikes, and groceries to home appliances, flagship smartphones, celebrity fashion labels and even exclusive dining deals in its “Raya Dengan Shopee” campaign. 

(from left to right) Koji Oyama, Managing Director, Isetan; Chan Kok Long, Co-founder & Executive Director, iPay88; Zed Li, Head of Business, Shopee Malaysia; Loh Ai Chern, Senior Manager, Business Development, Visa; Marianne Chuo, Marketing Lead, Shopee Malaysia; Anil Gautam, Managing Director, DHL; and Karim, Director of VIP & Marketing, J&T Express (M) Sdn Bhd launching the Raya Dengan Shopee campaign. 

Taking place from 25 April to 6 June 2019, users can enjoy exciting deals and discounts of up to 80% from the 600 brands on Shopee Mall and 450,000 sellers, making Raya preparations convenient, fun, and cost-saving:

     200% cashback daily with upsized Cashback Day every Monday where vouchers will be released at a certain time to enable refunds. 

     Shocking Sale daily with deals from as low as RM1, and increased frequency of eight times on Wednesdays. 

Guests having a good time trying their hand at the Goyang Shopee game

     Goyang Shopee rewards users with Shopee Coins, vouchers and gifts worth up to RM5 million such as Xiaomi phones, robotic vacuums and cameras, with more chances on Fridays.

     Shopee Live, a live streaming platform for a more interactive and entertaining shopping experience, and for brands and sellers to feature their products. Shopee Live takes place on weekdays, 8.30pm and 9.30pm, featuring favourite local influencers and celebrities such as Brandon Ho, Melissa Th’ng, Mark Odea, Sophia Liana, Shalma Ainaa and Sweet Qismina.

     Shopee Quiz takes place on weekdays at 12pm; test your knowledge by answering eight trivia questions. Winners will win from a pool of up to two million Shopee Coins each session.

Shopee Has Got You Covered

Get the latest shade of lipstick from L'Oréal, hair products from Unilever, along with NIVEA and Eucerin for radiant-looking skin. Wear comfortable, trendy shoes from brands like XES Shoes and B.U.M Equipment while stocking up on Enfagrow or Sustagen and Drypers diapers for the young before a long balik kampung journey. Upgrade cookware to bestsellers like Tefal’s classic non-stick wokpan, and officiate it with ingredients from Nestle to make mouthwatering kuih Raya. Gift loved ones with the HONOR 20 Lite, the latest smartphone exclusive on Shopee; help your parents upgrade their computer with accessories from TMT to stay connected with you or even replace your grandparents’ burned out light bulbs with MR DIY’s tools and accessories.

To celebrate the launching of Isetan’s Official Store on Shopee, the Japanese departmental store will be bringing a diverse line-up of products from notable brands to Shopee users including Naraya, Note Cosmetics, and Jean Perry. First 500 users will get to enjoy 20% off with a minimum spend of RM50 when they apply the code ISETANRY.

Iftar Made Easy This Fasting Month:

     The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Up to 47% off on beverages during weekday Shocking Sale. Valid from 16 May 2019 onwards; vouchers are only applicable to outlets within the Klang Valley except Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

     Kenny Rogers Roasters: Up to 40% discount on Creamy i-Yam Family Value Set meal from 6 May 2019 onwards.

     Buffet Deals: 30% off at Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur, 20% discount at The Boulevard Hotel Kuala Lumpur and RM20 off at Royale Chulan Seremban.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Amp up your Raya celebrations with a new home by leading property developer S P Setia. With prices starting from RM262,000 onwards, it offers ready-to-shift-in apartments, double-storey terrace and superlink houses on Shopee.

Customers just need to pay a booking fee of RM688 on their preferred property before heading to the sales gallery to complete the purchase journey. Through the fee, customers can be assured that the units booked are reserved under their names. The first eight customers who successfully purchase a house on S P Setia’s Official Store on Shopee stand to receive rebates up to 25% off and Shopee vouchers worth RM3,888, as well as a home kit worth RM5,000.

Shopee Takes The Wheel

Book a brand new Honda, Toyota, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and even a motorbike, all from Shopee AutoMall. A one-of-its-kind, Shopee AutoMall allows users to purchase a wide assortment of cars and motorbikes, ranging from superbikes to hybrids and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) for the family. Users will enjoy unique deals exclusive to Shopee, including booking fees from as low as RM1, lowered interest rates starting from 1.81% per annum, rebates, freebies and extra accessories as well as up to 29% discount on bikes when purchasing vehicles via Shopee AutoMall. For the full selection of deals, search ‘AutoMall’ on Shopee.

Glam Up With Shopee Celebrity Squad

Feel the spotlight and boast about it when you put on makeup, wear a pair of stylish baju Raya or glow inside out with our celebrity-labelled products from the likes of Datin Hajah Fouziah Gous, Ifa Raziah, Fynn Jamal, Nana Mahazan, Irma Hasmie, Nazeera Sardi, Tyra Kamaruzzaman and Dayang Areeda. Head to their official stores on Shopee Celebrity Squad and enjoy the Raya promotions they will be offering.

Glam up with Shopee Celebrity Squad. 
(from left to right) Zed Li, Head of Business, Shopee Malaysia, Irma Hasmie, Datin Hajah Fouziah Gous, Fynn Jamal, Nana Mahazan, Nazeera Sardi, Dayang Areeda, Marianne Chuo, Marketing Lead, Shopee Malaysia 

Partnerships’ Benefits

     Maybank: Maybank Visa Signature Card users enjoy 10% Shopee Coins cashback when purchasing on Shopee during the Raya campaign.

     Visa (Official Premier Card Partner): RM15 off with a minimum spend of RM150 on selected days.

     Muslim Pro: First 200 customers will enjoy the Lifetime Premium Subscription worth RM114.90 for only RM1.

     MaxMoney: Spend cash and get up to 4x more cash, and have it delivered to your doorstep. Exchange currency online and save more by first purchasing a cash voucher on the MaxMoney Official Store on Shopee.

     Free Shipping: Free shipping with a lowered minimum spend of RM20 with DHL (now until 24 May) and J&T Express Malaysia (today till 9 May).

The “Raya Dengan Shopee” campaign is supported by iPay88, the Official Payment Gateway provider.

(fifth from left) Zed Li, Head of Business, Shopee Malaysia and Marianne Chuo, Marketing Lead, Shopee Malaysia with brand representatives marking the debut of Shopee AutoMall. 

About Shopee

Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is a platform tailored for the region, providing customers with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and logistical support. Shopee aims to continually enhance its platform and become the region’s e-commerce destination of choice.

Shopee has a wide selection of product categories ranging from consumer electronics to home & living, health & beauty, baby & toys, fashion and fitness equipment.

Shopee, a Sea company, was first launched in Singapore in 2015, and has since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Sea is a leader in digital entertainment, e-commerce and digital financial services across Greater Southeast Asia. Sea's mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology, and is listed on the NYSE under the symbol SE.

Dapatkan semua keperluan Raya anda daripada platform e-dagang terkemuka di Malaysia, Shopee

KUALA LUMPUR, 2 MEI 2019 – Memandangkan Hari Raya yang bakal menjelang, persediaan raya seperti membersih dan menghias rumah, memastikan kereta dalam keadaan terbaik dan keperluan harian mencukupi, dan sudah tentunya membeli baju Raya dengan fesyen terkini sudahpun bermula. Sesungguhnya Shopee mempunyai segala-galanya dari rumah dengan reka bentuk terkini, kereta dan motosikal baharu, dan barangan runcit mahupun perkakas rumah, telefon pintar, pakaian dengan label fesyen selebriti dan juga tawaran makan malam eksklusif dalam kempennya “Raya Dengan Shopee”.

Sepanjang kempen yang berlangsung dari 25 April hingga 6 Jun 2019, pengguna boleh mendapat tawaran menarik dan diskaun sehingga 80% daripada 600 jenama di Shopee Mall dan 450,000 penjual, menjadikan persiapan raya lebih menyenangkan, menyeronokkan, dan menjimatkan kos:

     200% pulangan tunai setiap hari pada Cashback Day dipertingkatkan setiap Isnin apabila baucar dikeluarkan pada waktu tertentu untuk membolehkan bayaran balik.  

     Shocking Sale setiap hari dengan tawaran serendah RM1 dengan kekerapan yang dinaikkan kepada lapan kali pada hari Rabu.

     Goyang Shopee memberi ganjaran Shopee Coins, jumlah baucar dan hadiah bernilai sehingga RM5 juta seperti telefon Xiaomi, vakum robotik dan kamera dengan lebih banyak peluang pada hari Jumaat.

     Shopee Live, platform pengaliran langsung untuk menawarkan pengalaman membeli-belah lebih interaktif dan menghiburkan, dan juga untuk membolehkan jenama dan penjual memaparkan produk mereka. Shopee Live berlangsung pada hari Isnin hingga Jumaat, 8.30pm dan 9.30pm, membawakan tokoh berpengaruh dan selebriti tempatan seperti Brandon Ho, Melissa Th’ng, Mark Odea, Sophia Liana, Shalma Ainaa dan Sweet Qismina.

     Shopee Quiz pada hari Isnin hingga Jumaat jam 12pm; menguji pengetahuan anda dengan menjawab lapan soalan. Pemenang akan menerima hadiah daripada habuan sehingga dua juta Shopee Coins setiap sesi.

Shopee Menyediakan Segala Keperluan Anda

Dapatkan warna-warna lipstik terbaru daripada L'Oréal, produk rambut daripada Unilever, dan produk penjagaan kulit daripada NIVEA dan Eucerin. Anda juga boleh mendapatkan kasut yang selesa dan bergaya daripada jenama seperti XES Shoes dan B.U.M Equipment sambil membeli stok Enfagrow atau Sustagen serta lampin Drypers untuk anak-anak kecil sebelum perjalanan jauh balik ke kampung. Peralatan dapur boleh dinaik taraf kepada jenama paling laris seperti kuali tidak lekat klasik Tefal, dan rasmikan penggunaannya dengan bahan-bahan daripada Nestle untuk membuat kuih muih Raya yang lazat. Hadiahkan ahli keluarga tersayang dengan HONOR 20 Lite, telefon pintar terkini eksklusif di Shopee; naik tarafkan komputer ibu bapa anda dengan aksesori daripada TMT supaya mereka dapat berhubung dengan anda sentiasa; atau gantikan mentol lampu datuk nenek anda yang terbakar dengan perkakas dan aksesori MR DIY.

Untuk merayakan pelancaran kedai rasmi Isetan di Shopee, gedung Jepun ini akan membawakan pelbagai produk daripada jenama terkenal kepada pengguna Shopee termasuk Naraya, Note Cosmetics, dan Jean Perry. Seramai 500 pengguna pertama akan mendapat potongan harga 20% dengan perbelanjaan minimum RM50 apabila mereka menggunakan kod ISETANRY.

Memudahkan Iftar Pada Bulan Puasa ini:

     Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Potongan harga sehingga 47% untuk minuman semasa Shocking Sale dari hari Isnin hingga Jumaat bermula 16 Mei 2019. Baucar hanya boleh digunakan di Lembah Klang kecuali Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur.

     Kenny Rogers Roasters: Diskaun sehingga 40% untuk Creamy i-Yam set makanan keluarga dari 6 Mei 2019. 

     Tawaran Bufet: Diskaun 30% di Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur, diskaun 20% di The Boulevard Hotel Kuala Lumpur dan potongan harga sebanyak RM20 di Royale Chulan Seremban.

Rumahku Syurgaku

Ceriakan Raya anda dengan rumah baharu yang dibina oleh pemaju hartanah terkenal S P Setia. Dengan harga yang bermula dari RM262,000 ke atas, S P Setia menawarkan pangsapuri, rumah teres dua tingkat dan rumah superlink yang sedia didiami di Shopee.

Pelanggan hanya perlu membayar yuran tempahan RM688 untuk rumah kediaman pilihan mereka sebelum mengunjungi galeri jualan untuk menyempurnakan proses pembelian. Dengan pembayaran yuran tempahan ini, pelanggan dijamin bahawa unit yang ditempah mereka akan diperuntukkan di bawah nama mereka. Lapan pelanggan pertama yang berjaya membeli rumah dari kedai rasmi S P Setia di Shopee berpeluang untuk menerima rebat sehingga 25% dan baucar Shopee bernilai RM3,888, dan juga kit rumah bernilai RM5,000.

Shopee Jual Kereta & Motosikal

Tempah sebuah kereta Honda, Toyota, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Mazda atau Mitsubishi, dan juga motosikal dari Shopee AutoMall. Shopee AutoMall membolehkan pengguna membeli pelbagai jenis kereta dan motosikal daripada superbike hingga kereta hibrid dan kenderaan utiliti sukan (SUV) untuk keluarga. Pengguna akan mendapat tawaran eksklusif hanya daripada Shopee, termasuk yuran tempahan serendah RM1, kadar faedah lebih rendah 1.81% setiap tahun, rebat, hadiah percuma dan aksesori tambahan serta diskaun sehingga 29% untuk motosikal apabila membeli kenderaan melalui Shopee AutoMall. Untuk maklumat lanjut tentang tawaran ini, cari ‘AutoMall’ di Shopee.


Bergaya Dengan Baju Raya Jenama Selebriti

Rasai keseronokan menarik perhatian orang ramai apabila anda mengenakan mekap, memakai baju Raya yang cantik atau memperlihatkan wajah yang berseri dengan keanggunan produk menggunakan label selebriti nama-nama terkenal seperti Datin Hajah Fouziah Gous, Ifa Raziah, Fynn Jamal, Nana Mahazan, Irma Hasmie, Nazeera Sardi, Tyra Kamaruzzaman dan Dayang Areeda. Kunjungi kedai rasmi mereka di Shopee Celebrity Squad untuk menikmati tawaran promosi Raya yang ditawarkan.

Manfaat Rakan Kerjasama 

     Maybank: Pengguna Kad Maybank Visa Signature akan menikmati 10% pulangan tunai Shopee Coins apabila membeli-belah di Shopee sepanjang tempoh kempen Raya. 

     Visa (Rakan Kad Premier Rasmi): Diskaun RM15 dengan perbelanjaan minimum RM150 pada hari-hari tertentu. 

     Muslim Pro: 200 pelanggan yang pertama akan mendapat Langganan Premium Sepanjang Hayat bernilai RM114.90 untuk hanya RM1.

     MaxMoney: Berbelanja dan dapatkan sehingga 4x lebih banyak wang tunai yang akan dihantar terus ke depan pintu rumah anda. Tukar mata wang melalui talian dan jimat lebih banyak wang dengan pembelian baucar tunai terlebih dahulu di kedai rasmi MaxMoney di Shopee. 

     Penghantaran Percuma: Penghantaran percuma dengan perbelanjaan minimum yang diturunkan kepada RM20 dengan DHL (sekarang hingga 24 Mei) dan J&T Express Malaysia (hari ini hingga 9 Mei).

Kempen “Raya Dengan Shopee” disokong oleh iPay88, penyedia Gerbang Pembayaran Rasmi.

Mengenai Shopee

Shopee ialah platform e-Dagang terkemuka di Asia Tenggara dan Taiwan. Platform ini direka khusus untuk rantau ini, memberikan pengguna pengalaman membeli-belah yang mudah, selamat dan cepat dengan sokongan pembayaran dan logistik yang kukuh.

Shopee akan terus meningkatkan prestasi platformnya dan menjadi destinasi e-Dagang pilihan di rantau ini. Shopee mempunyai pilihan produk yang pelbagai dari kategori seperti elektronik, perkakas rumah, kesihatan & kecantikan, bayi & permainan, fesyen dan peralatan kecergasan.

Shopee, sebuah syarikat Sea, mula dilancarkan di Singapura sejak 2015 dan telah berkembang ke Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam dan Filipina. Sea merupakan peneraju dalam industri hiburan digital, eDagang dan perkhidmatan kewangan digital di rantau Asia Tenggara dan Taiwan. Misi Sea adalah untuk menaiktaraf kualiti kehidupan pengguna dan perniagaan kecil menerusi penggunaan teknologi dan telah disenaraikan di Bursa Saham New York (NYSE) dengan simbol SE.


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