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Zipping into More Chocolate and Better Wafer with Cadbury

 Zipping into More Chocolate and Better Wafer with Cadbury

PETALING JAYA, 6 March 2021 - Cadbury Malaysia, under the global food company Mondelēz International, has launched its all-new Cadbury Zip. This delightful snack comes with an improved, mouth-watering new recipe as part of the brand’s strategy to refine their line of products.

With Malaysians staying at home for most parts of the day due to current circumstances, these sticks of goodness can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, used in dessert recipes or even served as the perfect tea time snack to have with friends over Zoom to Zip through dull moments.

So what’s different with this new Cadbury Zip as compared to its predecessor? 

The original chocolate base is now replaced with Malaysia’s favourite smooth & creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk. It is also enhanced with 20% more chocolate than before as the new recipe ensures every bite is packed with chocolatey goodness. Not stopping there, Cadbury also developed a recipe to ensure the wafer is consistently crispy to guarantee a satisfying crunch that perfectly complements the chocolate in every bite.

The all-new Cadbury Zip comes in refreshed pack sizes with a striking red ‘Z’ splashed acrossthe iconic purple packaging.

RM1.00 for 16.2g

RM1.90 for 31.7g
RM4.70 for 95.1g (3 x 31.7g)

RM9.90 for 162.5g (20pc)

It is available on Shopee at the price of RM1.00 for Cadbury ZIP Trial Pack, RM1.90 for
Cadbury ZIP Big Singles, RM 4.70 for Cadbury ZIP Value Multipack and RM9.90 for Cadbury
ZIP Sharebag. Shopee has seen a growing demand for snacks on its platform, with half a
million snacks including chocolates and biscuits being purchased between 11 and 15 January
2021 when the second Movement Control Order (MCO 2.0) was announced.

In celebration of this new chocolatey wafer bar, chocolate lovers will get a free sample of the
new Cadbury Zip with any purchase from the official Mondelēz International store on Shopee
from now while stocks last. The sample also comes with a QR code where users can redeem
vouchers to earn a discount on their next Cadbury Zip purchase.

Adding to the excitement, Chipsmore is bringing back the Chipsmore x Monopoly campaign on
Shopee. Chipsmore fans will get to take home a beautiful mug from now to 21 March and a free
handy tote bag from 22 March to 18 April with the purchase of any selected Chipsmore pack.
These free gifts are available exclusively on Shopee. Terms and conditions apply.
Take a bite of Cadbury’s tasty offering and other delicious snacking products from Mondelēz
International by visiting

Don’t forget to pay with ShopeePay for smoother checkouts.


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